Tasta since 1960

Gelato, Granita, Cannolo, Modica Chocolate: these are all products born in Sicily as it is the Flamingo family that is involved with the world of gelato since 1960, when the founder Don Peppino Flamingo began as true pioneer to produce cones and wafers in Modica (Sicily). In 2010, half century later, his grandson Peppe decides to open his first gelato shop in the suggestive Marina Di Ragusa that soon becomes the benchmark for the true gelato lovers thanks to a new kind of gelato: tasty but genuine at the same time. Between 2014 and 2015 Tasta arrives in Modica and Marina di Modica together with the first international success: Expo 2015. Starting from 2016 Tasta expands its Brand with the new opening in Milan, Bologna, Marzamemi and Hollywood (Miami). Two years later Tasta is present also in Cosenza and Giardini Naxos (Taormina). Today Tasta is a company that has one aim: bring the taste of Sicily in Italy and all over the world.

Tasta Delights

Our most important product is the ‘Gelato Siciliano’ unique in its genre, because it is tasty and genuine at the same time, and our granita and cremolata as emblem of Sicilian tradition. Thanks to these pivotal products we won several prestigious awards taking part in local and international competitions such as Nivarata and Sherbeth. Tasta is not a gelato shop only. In our boutiques you can find different products all made in Sicily: Cannolo for example. Catania or Palermo, two different types of peel, two different kind of thought: Catania Cannolo is more friable, little flared, pale, with a slightly cinnamon aroma, while Palermo Cannolo is crunchy, flared, dark, cocoa aromatized. Inside: Ricotta (rigorously from local sheep), chocolate Modica and pistachio grains.


Tasta refuses any kind of industrial product, choosing on the contrary only products of excellence. This is possible thanks to the land we belong to. A land that offers fruits of high quality, milk from free-range cows, but above all thanks to the fact that we steadily carry out an important work of research and development. The Tastalab allows us to cover each passage of the chain from producer to consumer.

Our Philosophy

We buy products directly from farmers and breeders. We are aware of the great value of local producers. We decided to produce ' The greatest Gelato of the world ' tying us to several charitable associations such as Alberto Portogallo and Ageop. So, when you eat a Gelato Tasta you are making right not only to yourself. Another initiative is the 'Suspended product': you buy a coffee, a gelato, or cannolo and you can choose to reserve a product for the less fortunate. Furthermore thanks to the employment of biodegradable materials, fair trading products, and organic milk, we operate in full compliance with environment, farmers and animals.

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