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There are a lot of franchising gelato (and ice cream) shops in the world. Most of them use quite always products from industries and not from fields, and most of them are not real italian gelato shops. The result is lower quality and fake tastes in the pursuit of low costs.

We decided to do the contrary. We are in love with Sicily and we prefer to give value to our land. Today Tasta is the only one company that has set inside its laboratory all the gelato chain, from the selection of ingredients to the production of cones and wafers

We buy directly from farmers and breeders, we deal with the fruit treatment and select the best kind of ingredients for the preparation, according to the ancient Sicilian recipes, to obtain the best kind of gelato that is tasty and genuine at the same time.

Thanks to our philosophy we are growing faster and faster and we work a lot to satisfy all the requests we receive. For that reason, if you want to aim at Sicily, fill out the form below with your personal data and we will contact you!

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