Tasta Gelato is different from Ice Cream, in fact every flavour gives you the best that nature can offer. Our gelato is made fresh daily by organic milk, cane sugar and fresh cream from local farms. We use the best excellences only and we have a special recipe that makes our gelato incredibly creamy, rich in taste and easy to digest.


The company emphasizes the naturalness of the ingredients. Following this principle, we do not forget that our gelato must be tasty and delicious. Come and visit us to discover why is our gelato so special, we are sure that after having tried tasta gelato, you cannot do without them!


The vegan line includes all gelato with no animal derivatives: no milk, lactose or egg yolk. In addition to all fruit flavours and granita, we selected for you a line of flavours as Modica Chocolate, extra dark chocolate, and Cinnamon.

Sicilian Brioscia

Probably you can never say to have tried a very good gelato if you have never tried it inside the ‘Brioscia col tuppo’. As lunch substitute or snack, Brioscia is an undeniable must. Same discourse when we talk about granita and cremolata, where the brioscia is immersed (rigorously with the hands!)


Would you like to try different flavours? Try the experience of our ‘gelato-tasting’.Choose five flavours and we will serve you small degustation following the order we suggest.

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