Research and development

Tastalab is the laboratory where we transform all the best fresh row materials into Tasta products of high quality. To reach a high level of quality, the work of research, selection and test of new products never stops.

The most ancient factory of cones in Sicily

The warm area, historic location of the ‘Flamingo 1960’ company, is the cone factory. With some of the machineries of the factory, Don Peppino Flamingo invented the ‘coppa flamingo’ that is the cone par excellence in Sicily. In this area we produce brioches, shortbread biscuits, sponge cake, almond biscuits and all those baked products for the most demanding palates.

From fields to our shops

If the warm area represents the ancient part of the factory, the cold area is the innovative part of the lab where ingredients are realized: mix, blends and gelato.


Tastalab is production but also training and education. We collaborate with local schools and teach children and adults how to choose the best products for a good nutrition and showing that it is possible enjoy cakes, gelato, and dessert in general that are tasty but genuine at the same time. In the Tastalab we also organise training for aspirant gelato maker.

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